Enjoy a premium lifestyle backed by European technology Automate your routines, save your
Friends and Family... valuable time for your
Forget your "Home Away" worries, Enjoy your vacations peacefully... Control your devices remotely, wherever you are... Voice control your devices with your favourite Amazon Alexa and Google Home IoT Firmware Development... Electronic Component Sourcing & & Computer Vision technologies... State of the art product development using Artificial (AI) Intelligence , Machine Learning (ML) &

Dive into the future TODAY…

Smart people and organizations will embrace strategic automation use cases for their benefit. Strategic decisions will be based on how the technology will free up time to do the types of tasks that humans are uniquely positioned to perform. So say good bye to your traditional ways of doing tasks. Lonestar products can help in automating your routines and in saving your time for the activities that matter the most for you, both personally and professionally.

We are also into sourcing and supply of various quality electronic components from various parts of the world and thereby enabling a consistent supply chain for the manufacturers.

Control your devices from anywhere.
Secure your home.
AI enabled Voice Assistant.

Trusted Brands.

We can provide a solution using our ‘Lonestar’ brand of products or from our brand partners of your choice where product integration is feasible.

Easy Configuration.

We can easily retrofit and configure your existing home wirings with our wired or wireless range of products.

System Integration

Lonestar will assist in acquiring and integrating a cost-effective solution for our customers from a range of refined products.

Customer Care.

Lonestar’s “We Care” provides the best customer service experiences and our executives are available for you online – over chat and email.

Automation Forward

Decide on your automation needs.

Explore from the wide range of products, Automation Solutions, Scenarios options we offer and then decide on a suitable package option that suits your requirement.

Buy our cutting edge smart solutions.

Chose one of the automation themes based on the solutions we offer, we can deliver our products to your doorsteps.

Install at Your Convenience.

Our trained technicians will install at your convenience.

Energy Savings*
We could simplify some of your complex equations.

The selection of the right automation products could be quite confusing for many people. With the arrival of many cheap, immature and substandard products in the market, the puzzle is only becoming more complex. Most of such products could soon prove to be quite unreliable and unsafe. Solutions built on such components are usually non-scalable, and equally risky for your security. Lonestar is a crew of highly experienced and committed professionals who can be relied upon in every automation endeavor. We will work with you to understand your needs and interests and handpick a robust and reliable theme that could seamlessly integrate into the holistic solution. Our subject matter expertise and technical edge in automation products and solutions can give you real peace of mind for the investments you commit –  for several years to come.


Lonestar concepts

Lonestar’s own brand of products are manufactured at state of art facilities in India under the technology license from Flamingos – One of the UK’s leading technology house with rich subject matter expertise in SMART Devices development, AI, IoT, and Cyber Security. We are rigorously working towards improving the customer experience in every possible way by providing simple, easy-to-use, and high-quality products and solutions that are scalable to support future needs. When we are shaking our hands with our customers for our products and services, we are committing to a lifelong relationship. We believe in providing a greater customer experience and our unmatched technical support will ensure you a smoother takeoff during this transition. Be it your Lighting, Garden automation, air-conditioning, television, or security – you’ll be seamlessly onboarded to our solution.  Our solutions are designed and developed with simplicity in mind and to enable the control and traction of your devices from any corner of the world with our mobile app.

System Integration & Partners

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