Protection Against Natural Accidents

Sensors for all-round protection

The sensors enable immediate identification of any abnormal conditions like a sudden rise in temperature due to a fire outbreak, or a gas spillage, or a water spillage from any inaccessible region in your home.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Intimate you right away and within the time frame of almost all the happening of any unexpected disaster and makes a difference by saving you from any potential harm.

The Fibaro Surge sensor includes a vigorous plan to support any temperature inside the extend of -10 to +95 degree Celcius. It is competent of handling quick and well as moderate floods. Also the complete walled in area is waterproof and so it is troublesome for the sensor to submerge and it’ll drift over the water so that it keeps sending flag to the most controller.

There are two basic forms of home automation systems for the elderly: embedded health systems and private health networks. Telehealth implementation. Background. Systems. Security. Emergency assistance systems and tools. Reminder systems. Medication dispensing and spoon-feeding. Home robotics.

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